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Inter disciplinary Analysts (IDA) is a Kathmandu-based research and consultancy firm. It was founded in 1989 and subsequently reorganized in 1996. As our name suggests, we believe that the issues of development, peace building and social justice demand research approaches that while well-grounded in different disciplines, do not remain trapped in sectorial issues but are able to cross boundaries to provide effective policy synthesis.

IDA in its initial years began with a strong focus on water and energy issues, primarily in their relationship at the society-technology interface. For the past ten years, IDA has focused mainly on quantitative research approaches – household surveys and public opinion polls have become its forte. Although the initial focus was on surveys on contemporary political situation, it added issues pertaining to safety and security, and business climate of Nepal, among others to its scope of work. In its engagements with political parties, politicians, institutions such as the Nepal Police, the business community and the larger public, IDA’s attempts have always been to create public discourse based on sound research methods. For this, it rigorously follows scientific research techniques. It believes that data and information generated through rigorous research methods help in informed decision-making. The organization has strong and qualified team of researchers for such undertakings and an extensive number of publications to its credit. IDA has the capacity to deploy as many as 100 enumerators and supervisors at one time.

Inter disciplinary Analysts has a well-established infrastructural set up. It is located in Lampokhari, Mitrapark, Chabahil, Kathmandu (in front of Lion’s Club) in a three-floor building with spacious compound.

Since IDA does not have a regular source of income (and has to bid for projects), it does not have a pre-planned budget. IDA examines its expenses of the previous year to make a projection for the following year. IDA bids for and submits proposals in order to meet the expected budget for the following year.​

Vision Statement

IDA is the expression for an alternative perspective that has emerged from a synthesis of natural and social science concerns. It is based on the premise that issues of development are best illuminated through an interdisciplinary approach that intermeshes the soft and hard sciences. Perceiving the linkages between physical resources, intervening technologies, and social institutions and processes in a composite frame, IDA believes in the need to transcend disciplinary and sectoral boundaries.


We are often asked what is interdisciplinary and what is our inner calling that drives us towards its quest. Living and working in Nepal, our professional lives are enmeshed with development, which is multi-faceted and its problem entwined with multi-sectorial predicaments. We see this inchoate complexity as something that must be framed and addressed as a composite whole. To do so, a team of diverse disciplinary experts with varied experiences is necessary but not sufficient. There must be an organizational culture that respects all disciplines equally and forces its individual members to examine the problem definitions of one’s discipline through eyes and feel another. We think, we have achieved some degree of success in treading along this path at IDA. Our professional colleagues have a better feel for the complexities of development, and are at more comfortable depth and breadth of their analysis, and have a growing sense of confidence in the practicality of our prescriptions. We also believe that perfection in something never quite fully achieved, but a constant learning and improving process, one we are dedicated to.
Dipak Gyawali

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