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Long Term Consultant

Pawan Kumar Sen

Senior Statistician

Pawan Kumar Sen is a consultant researcher at IDA. He completed his first Master’s degree in Statistics from Tribhuvan University (Nepal) in 1996 and second Master's degree in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (specialization in watershed management, conservation and river basin planning) from International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (The Netherlands) in 2004. He has an extensive experience in designing and implementing quantitative surveys and in designing water balance models. He has co-authored six opinion poll reports with Dr. Sudhindra Sharma: 1999 General Election Opinion Poll: How Voters Assess Politics, Parties and Politicians and Nepal Contemporary Political Situation (I, II, III, IV and V). He has also provided the technical assistance to a survey project in Afghanistan undertaken by The Asia Foundation in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, and has co-authored the reports A Survey of the Afghan People (2008 and 2009). He is the author of the book Diagnosing Irrigation Water Resources with Multi-Sensor RS and GIS: A Case Study of the Roxo Dam Irrigation System, Alentejo Province, Portugal. He has published several articles on water related GIS and remote sensing approaches and political opinion polls in peer reviewed journals and magazines in Nepal. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree from Institute of Political Science in Leiden University, The Netherlands.

Bal Krishna Khadka

Senior Statistician

Bal Krishna Khadka is a consultant at IDA. He is a statistician by training and has completed his Master’s degree in Statistics from Tribhuvan University (Nepal) in 2005 with distinction marks. He has been a visiting faculty at Ace Institute of Management (Affiliated to Pokhara University, Nepal) and Nepal College of Management (Affiliated to Kathmandu University, Nepal). He has been teaching Quantitative Technique at undergraduate and graduate programs and has experience in designing and implementing quantitative survey research. He has co-authored Business Climate Survey in Nepal with Dr. Sudhindra Sharma. He was also involved in Public Poll Survey in Nepal carried out by Himal Media and Baseline Survey of Strengthening Community Mediation Capacity for Peaceful and Harmonious Society Project (COMCAP) carried out by Institute of Governance and Development (IGD). He has published several joint articles on contemporary political issues of Nepal with Sudhindra Sharman in daily newspapers and magazine.

Hiranya Baral

Senior Field Co-ordinator

Hiranya Baral is a field coordinator at IDA. He completed his master in management from Tribhuvan University (Nepal) in 2008. He has been working in the research sector since 1998. During this period, he has contributed, as field coordinator, to various market research studies, social research and opinion poll in various organizations. He has worked as a field manger for 15 projects among which are Nepal Contemporary Political Opinion Poll, National Baseline Survey on Peace and Security Provision. He has also worked as a field coordinator for ten projects, four of which were opinion polls conducted by Himal media and as also as a supervisor for Political Opinion Polls I and II conducted by IDA..