Vision Statement

Inter disciplinary Analysts is the expression for an alternative perspective that has emerged from a synthesis of natural and social science concerns. It is based on the premise that issues of development are best illuminated through an inter disciplinary approach that intermeshes the soft and hard sciences. Perceiving the linkages between physical resources, interventing technologies, and social institutions and processes in a composite frame, Inter disciplinary Analysts believes in the need to transcend disciplinary and sectoral boundaries.

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Chairperson’s Message

Dipak GywaliWe are often asked what is interdisciplinary and what is our inner calling that drives us towards its quest. Living and working in Nepal, our professional lives are enmeshed with development, which is multi-faceted and its problem entwined with multi-sectorial predicaments. We see this inchoate complexity as something that must be framed and addressed as a composite whole. To do so, a team of diverse disciplinary experts with varied experiences is necessary but not sufficient. There must be an organizational culture that respects all disciplines equally and forces its individual members to examine the problem definitions of one’s discipline through eyes and feel another. We think, we have achieved some degree of success in treading along this path at IDA. Our professional colleagues have a better feel for the complexities of development, and are at more comfortable depth and breadth of their analysis, and have a growing sense of confidence in the practicality of our prescriptions. We also believe that perfection in something never quite fully achieved, but a constant learning and improving process, one we are dedicated to.